About Gary Beneventi

I have spent years in sales, advertising and management. In that time I have made numerous sales calls to businesses big and small here in San Diego. I have been able, through observation and detailed questioning to study and analyze company’s strengths and weaknesses. I realized that many business owners are filled up with responsibilities and often times are so busy dealing with the day to day urgent needs that they fail to see the bigger picture and do not set aside time to analyze, plan, prepare, and address their important issues. As a result, the business cannot operate at its maximum potential and increased profit is lost.

This is where DynaPren Solutions can help. I have a passion and desire to see business owners enjoy the fruit of their vision. I want every business owner to maximize revenue through effective and efficient operations by cooperatively working together to develop strategic game plans. I am able to bring any company fresh interested third party perspective that is often overlooked. This perspective can save you thousands of dollars alone. Businesses are, often times, focused on the trees, DynaPren Solutions can help you as the business owner providing a bird’s eye view and helping you, “see the forest for the trees.”  

As a business advocate, I care about my client’s success. When you join in partnership with DynaPren Solutions, you will be adding an asset to your company whose business it is to help your business grow. Trust, Integrity, effective communication and honesty are the pillars of what make up DynaPren Solutions.

Like a farmer who has always yielded “x” amount from his land; if he keeps everything the same, he can expect to yield the same year after year. But if he wants a bigger crop, he must make changes. He needs to turn over the soil, break up the top soil and fertilize the land. When he plants his crop, he can expect greater returns on his investment. He “jump-started” the land. He added something to his soil and perhaps his planting methods.

DynaPren Solutions can be this for your company. You are the farmer tending your field. You work your business diligently. You might have found yourself in the same routine. DynaPren Solutions can come alongside your business and help determine areas that might need to be turned over and the fertilizer and the planting methods are symbolic of the ideas and strategies that are developed to maximize your efforts. As a result, your field or business will yield its maximum potential.

Thank you for considering DynaPren Solutions as your business advisor.



Gary Beneventi

Advisor, BOL

“A coach is part advisor, part sounding board, part cheerleader, part manager and part strategist.”
~ The Business Journal